Soaring above

Soaring above
Feeling strong,
All your fears float away,
Like everything inside of you isn’t there,
There is nothing to make you feel down,
Like there is nothing to make you feel upset,
All of your bad feelings are drifting away,
Like a Lily Pad in a pond,
It slowly drifts away,
There is nothing in front of you slowing you down,
Just like the person in this picture on the mountain
all of his fears are gone they drifted away

My Inspiration is…

My inspiration is my sister. She inspired me to believe in my dreams. She knows that I can achieve them. Just the other day my sister and I were talking about me going into highschool and wanted to be in track, but I thought that I couldn’t do in but she said if I practice I could be in track.

I wanted to be in gymnastics but I thought I couldn’t do a front handspring on ground, and she believed in me and now I can do one. I’ve been doing the splits and I used to do the splits all the way down and now I can’t, she knows that I can do them. She was the one that taught me how to hula hoop.

My sister is really nice she seventeen years old. Me and here are five years apart but we are really close. She used to be the only girl until she turned six we were the only girls in the family other than my mom.

Video Games

I play a lot of video games. My family is a video game family. Once my mom was playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and she was in her room and she fell of her bed. Me and my brother were in the room when that happened we laughed, she was ok.

My favorite game is Fallout 4. My sister and I take turns because it’s not 2 player. In the beginning you could chose if you wanted to be a boy or a girl. Also you could make what they look like. But after that there is this guy that shows up at your door and said something like the world is ending or something like that. Also you had to go to this institute that is underground. I am almost done with the game sorta.

My second Favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 I mostly play zombies. Maybe sometimes multiplayer with me sister or my brother Noah. On multiplayer my Brother wins, I’m bad at it.

My family has all the Call Of Dutys and my dad’s favorite is probably Ghosts. I play different kinds of video games but those two are my favorites. We probably have all most all the game systems.

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Language Arts

My favorite book that I have read this year is Wonder. It is funny, sad, and happy all at the same time. In the book there is a sad part where people call Aggie names and he goes in a locker and cries. There is a funny part of the book where his class and other classes goes on a field trip. Aggie and other friends went in the woods and high schoolers was picking on Aggie, and one of his friends rammed into the high schooler.

My favorite blog post is Kidnapped it’s the one where we got to pick anything that we wanted to write about. There are two main characters it is the mom and the daughter. The daughter gets kidnapped. Also the mom is a cop at Sunny Valley Police Station. She tries to find her but she never does.

Language Arts is a funny class, I like writing on my blog the most other than singing. We talk about funny stuff like bringing a horse in the classroom. Also a bird eating another bird head off.

My Pets

I have two dogs my sister has one of them I have the other one.

My dogs names are Oliver and Simba. Oliver is my sister’s dog. Before Oliver I used to have a dog named Scruffy but that didn’t work out so well. We let mt aunt stay with us and she took over Scruffy.Also, my sister Celina she led over to couch and he went for her throat. So we had to said him to the pound.

Simba and Scruffy was originally brothers but after Scuffy went to the pound Simba went for a trip. So my aunt tried to steal him. But my brother Isaiah saw him in the back of her van so we have him now.

If you are wondering how my family and I got the name Simba. He used to act like a lion when he was a puppy. Now he has a main like a lion. He is a little Shih Tzu Dotson. Simba is 8 years old.

After a few years later my sister got Oliver he is six or seven months old so he is still a puppy. Oliver my sister doesn’t know what kind of dog he is she got him at the pound. He is bigger than Simba.

Oliver and Simba like to steal each other toys. When Simba is playing with the toy Oliver tries to steal the toy and Simba growls at him.

Simba and Oliver gets along with each other but sometimes they don’t. Even know they steal things from each other they will always still be brothers.


This One Girl… Short Story

This one girl… she always sits in the back of the class and nobody knew her and she never said anything to anybody. She never went out to recess and ate her lunch on the bleachers. She always wore glasses and had her hair in her face.

She would walk in the hallway and people ran into her but they never notice her. She would always got A’s on everything. Also she never raises her hand.

The teacher doesn’t ever know her. The only people that know her is her parents and herself. Her only friend is Cat.

So this girl in not like any person the reason why nobody knew her is because she is a ghost she died about two years ago.


The song that i’m doing is ‘Here’, by Alessia Cara. The song is about her at a party and she doesn’t want to be there. She wants to stay by herself. Also she wants to just listen to some music with her friends like they used to do.

She wants to go home so she’s in the car waiting for her friend to be done with the party. She’s wondering why she is even here. She wants everything to go back to normal instead of all of these parties.

She’s still there after hours later and she’s still here. So holla at me I’ll be in the car. She’s in the car because she doesn’t want to be in there.  Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-11.36.34-AM

I Love To…

I love to practice gymnastics in my playroom. Once me and my friend Haley were doing cartwheels on a skateboard. We were making a video about it. Haley did a handstand on the skateboard and then I tried I fell.

I love to play air hockey with my dad and my brothers. I beat my dad three times he won once. When Noah my brother plays up against me he wins. Also when my brother TJ plays against me its almost a tie but there is no ties in air hockey.

I love to jump on my trampoline my all time favorite thing to do on my trampoline it a frontflip. My brother Noah said if I can land one he says that he will give me five dollars I have not got it yet. But I’m  good at front hand springs.

I love to play foosball my brother Noah and me play it I lose most of the time. I hit the ball in my goal it stinks. He waits until i am not ready and he puts it in and hits it into my goal.

I like to do more but that is the things I do most of the time. I also put them in order from what I do most of the time and what I do the least but I still love to do these things.

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Mermaid Syndrome

                                              Mermaid Syndrome

How do they make mermaid syndrome go away ?


How many people in the world have mermaid syndrome?

There are only six people in the world that are living with mermaid syndrome. There was a little girl she was 10 when she died because of mermaid syndrome.


How do they survive with mermaid syndrome?


Mermaid Syndrome is when people are born with there legs suck together and there are only a few people with mermaid syndrome they call it mermaid syndrome because there legs look like a mermaid tail.



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Easy Pass is a good book it is about there are these two people that have a test Dax and Kaya. Kaya thought she would get a okay grade the bell ringed Kaya stared to run to class she got to class.When she got to class she study for the test. The teacher said put ever thing away she stared passing out tests for the class, they took the test. A couple days later they got there test back. Kaya was right she did get a okay grade Dax said oh great he said he got a bad grade.